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Marion and I tried to find out exactly how much we could fit into one day:

  • Go out for breakfast
  • Job interview
  • Civil War monument (farthest western point for fighting in the Civil War)
  • Pecos National Historical Park (survived our hike without encountering any strange bearded men – AKA Spanish invaders – or rattlesnakes) http://www.nps.gov/peco/
  • Lunch at the Cowgirl Café in Santa Fe
  • Explore downtown Santa Fe including: St. Francis Cathedral; Historic Le Fonda Hotel; Loretto Chapel with the Miraculous Staircase (really cool story – check out the link); The plaza; The Palace of the Governors, the oldest public building in America, dating from 1610; now Native American artisans sell their wares along the front of the building; Canyon Road, lined with amazing, unique art galleries; The Roundhouse, the state capitol building; Santa Fe Trail Monument, which reminded me of the land run monument in Oklahoma; and Buffalo – finally, for the first time on my trip! (Other than when Jeff ate it in Denver, but that didn’t exactly look the same…)
  • Drive some of the Santa Fe Trail
  • Plan next few road trip stops (Roswell, Austin, Houston, New Orleans…) and confirm
  • Straight No Chaser concert – they’re an unbelievable acapella group – see them live if you can, and if not, check out their videos online        
  • Route 66 Diner – Exactly what you’d expect, so perfect! Met a guy who is on a similar road trip, but had bad luck tonight in that some kids hit his car. Offered to buy him a milk shake to cheer him up, but that doesn’t really help when you have a brand new shiny red BMW with a dent in it…

Not bad for one day, huh?

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