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My first thought when I woke up on Day 60 was how in the world did I end up in the aviary at the zoo??? The various bird sounds were rampant. Then I heard a meow, followed by little barks – a dog? Wait, no, that was the parrot imitating a dog. Ah, wait,  THERE’s a real dog! Not just one… Katy, Michelle and Ian live in an animal menagerie. They have:

  • 12 cockatiels
  • 6 dogs (including 4 six-week-old puppies)
  • 2 cats
  • 1 African gray parrot

They rescue, adopt and sometimes breed. Often, like the parrot and one of the dogs, they’ve come from really bad homes and need to learn love. They all mix together well, with one dog thinking she’s a cat, one cat thinking she’s a dog and a dog making friends with a bird. A very active, fun household!

In addition to the sounds, I also experienced wonderful smells that morning, as Ian and Katy made their fabulous breakfast tacos. Yum! They were delicious! I was told one of the most important things is to use fresh flour tortillas. I can now vouch for that! I actually had TWO home cooked meals on Day 60. To my surprise, Ian also made us an incredible meatloaf dinner, complete with long grain wild rice and corn. It’s the best meatloaf I’ve ever had (sorry mom). Ian’s going to make some woman very happy someday!

While Ian was home cooking (and playing XBox 360), Katy and I went to the park. Zilker Park is this unbelievable 351-acre park in Austin. We started our walk at Barton Springs pool. Barton Springs is the fourth largest natural springs in the state, and Robert Redford learned to swim there. We wandered all around, including taking in a beautiful view of the city. It reminded me of Hyde Park in London – it just seems to go on forever, and you forget you’re in a city. Our exploring ended with me needing a drink – I was craving Sonic’s Cranberry Limeade – I’m really going to miss them when I’m back up north.

After Ian fed us, we went to fulfill a promise to my friend Jay (who I saw in LA). His friend and fellow comedy troop member Brent co-wrote Megamind, so Jay is coercing everyone to go see it to support him. Somewhat reluctantly I agreed, although it’s not the type of movie I typically rush out to. I am SO glad I did! It’s excellent. Fast moving, really funny (even more so when you realize who the voices are) and not at all predictable. Go see it – you will not be sorry!

Remember the really cool jobs I mentioned Katy and Michelle having? Well, Katy had the night off, but Michelle was working Shrek The Musical on its final night in Austin. After the show Katy, Ian and I met Michelle and the wardrobe folks at Trudy’s, a Mexican restaurant for celebratory drinks. David, who played Shrek that night, also joined us. He said they are heading to Oklahoma City, Denver and then San Francisco. I’m disappointed because those are all places I’ve already been, but if you’re in one of those areas, go see it. I’ve heard it’s one not to miss! Hopefully I’ll be able to catch it later in the year…

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