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Day 63: Swamp Thing

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Obviously I didn’t get swallowed by an alligator. I survived the swamp tour! And it was a blast. But before we began our adventure, I had to take care of Holly. She was due for her (believe it or not) 22,500 mile maintenance. We went to the Baton Rouge Volvo dealer and they not only got her right in, but even gave her a bath. It was desperately needed, thanks to all the bugs and birds we’ve encountered recently (ick).

While Holly was being serviced, I tried in vain to find a place with wifi. I have to say, it’s harder in the south than anywhere else in the country. Hence yesterday’s posting without pictures. Everywhere should have wifi these days! I am paying to make my phone a modem, but it’s not good enough for the heavy uploading of photos. Shannon and I did manage to track down a coffeehouse this morning (Day 64) so I can upload the Day 63 pictures (way better than Day 62 pictures which is why I’m taking the time uploading these and not those) before we pursue today’s adventure.

I loved the swamp tour. Shannon was disappointed as she’s been on much better ones with bigger, more active alligators, but I thought it was fabulous. When you look for through the pictures, some of them are like “Where’s Waldo” where you need to spot the snake (eek – but I did take a picture), turtle (I love turtles), raccoon (so cute eating marshmellows), bird or alligator. It was through Honey Island Swamp, with Cajun Encounters Tour Co. The guide (Rob or Roy) was great – Shannon at least conceded that it was the most informative swamp tour she’d been on. Please don’t quiz me, but we did learn the definitions of swamp and bayou, that there are rice plants throughout the swamp and how the Cajuns were able to get all they needed from around the swamp. I’m so glad Shannon suggested this – a true Louisiana experience!

Shannon then treated me to another Louisiana tradition: lunch at Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant. We had this giant platter of (cringe) fried food including calamari, catfish, shrimp, crab, hush puppies and more that Shannon and I can’t remember. It was interesting that instead of rolls at the beginning of the meal, they gave you boiled potatoes. Strange, but good – had a bit of a Cajun kick to them, too. We were able to bring home more than we ate for the rest of the family to enjoy.

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