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I’m trying to like Atlanta. Honestly I am. But I really haven’t found many redeeming qualities in this city. And annoying or bad little things keep happening. From finding the hotel charges $21 a day for parking (nearly as much as I pay per night in many places), doesn’t have wifi (which most $30 a night motels do), isn’t close to much, most streets are some form of Peachtree (Lane, Road, Street, Avenue, Place…) so you don’t know where the heck anything is, poor signage all around, the rain the second we walk out ready to go out, to getting a bad hair cut. “It’s freakin’ Atlanta’ is turning into our catch phrase.

But let me give it a bit of credit. It is a pretty city with some really cool architecture – hope to get some pictures of the buildings tomorrow, although it’s supposed to rain. (Of course it’ll rain – it’s Atlanta.) It also has good restaurants – we went to Veni, Vidi, Vici tonight and had a delicious meal with great service (thanks, James, it was nice to meet you even though you are from New York and a Yankees fan). And then there is the thing that brought me here – Gone With the Wind. We went to the Margaret Mitchell House today and it was good – better than the other museum in that they have a bit more interactivity and original items such as the door from Tara and the painting of Scarlett that was in Rhett’s room.  And I have to admit, even though I hate my haircut, the mall is pretty cool.

So I’ll pull a Scarlett and say tomorrow is another day and hope that it’ll be better. Otherwise, I will be left wondering why they didn’t just let Atlanta burn. Harsh, I know, but I’m just not loving it here.

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