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Talk about easing myself back into the road trip! Day 75 was one of the most relaxing, peaceful days yet. After sleeping in a bit, we (well, I should say Dan) packed a cooler and we drove down to the water. We launched his little boat into Escambia Bay and took it to White Island (he called it Fantasy Island, but I didn’t see any little men jumping around screaming ‘de plane, de plane’) in Bayou Grande.

The little island reminded me of the small deserted islands my dad and Maggie used to take me and my brother to when we were young. Beautiful white sand, clear blue water, patches of palm trees and shells galore. It also reminded me of the time my 11 year-old brother took me out in the row boat and threatened to leave me off at a buoy in the middle of the ocean. When I told Dan that he said he could call my brother and offer to finish the job for him, but I told him that he is also the same brother that called that morning to yell at me for going to a strange guy’s house and warned to be careful. I guess I’ve grown on him…

We set off to explore our little island and made numerous friends along the way: Harry, the blue herring, Pedro the pelican, Sandy the sandpiper (and gang), Winnie the (plastic) horse and Frank the pink flamingo. Oh, wait, Frank is at Dan’s house, as now is Winnie. We left the rest peacefully in their natural habitat. I admit I did take a few shells, though, but only ones that no creatures were using as homes.

The island quiet was shattered by a sudden thunder: out of nowhere, some of the Blue Angels appeared! They’re the awesome Navy planes that do incredible flight shows. I forgot they’re based in Pensacola. We saw a few different ones fly by. It was great – seeing them is always a thrill.

After a brief siesta on the warm sand, we finished our tour of the island and set off for a ride around the bay. We lucked out as we got back to the boat landing just as the rain began – then drove right toward a rainbow. I wanted to go find the pot of gold, but Dan assured me it’s not in Pensacola. We did see a bunch of money that night, though: it was hanging all over the ceiling at McGuire’s Irish Pub, where we had an incredible dinner. A definite must-stop if you’re ever in Pensacola. Go hungry!

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