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Eight hours (not counting stops for gas, food and stretching), 580 miles. All in one state – and I didn’t even drive all the way to the bottom! I really need to remind myself to download another audio book before the next epic drive commences. I have practically every word of every current country song down pat – and practiced several 80s tunes, too (you never forget the words to those – even the ones you hate).

I considered stopping and exploring some of the state parks along the way (Dan recommended some good ones), but my sister-in-law Kelli called and informed me that Hudson and Holden (my nephews) were anxiously awaiting my arrival and would stay up until I got there. I simply couldn’t elongate the journey any more. I didn’t want to torture poor Kelli by having them up too late!

So I had lots of thinking and planning time. I’ve now pretty much reached the east coast, which essentially is home. And for the most part the states there are somewhat easily accessible (at least in comparison to the rest of the country). But I don’t want to just cut the road trip short, beeline it up the coast and bring the trip to an abrupt end. I’ve already done the Miami to Massachusetts 24-hour straight drive when I flew down a few years ago to drive back with Alicia when she was moving home. And that is not a fun non-stop trip. (Never mind the fact that I’m doing it alone.) So even if I don’t dawdle and sight see much, there are still many people I want to visit before I call the trip complete.

I admit I’m eager to get home. I want to get ready for the holidays, and am especially looking forward to our baking and decorating day with all the family/friend kids. (Nick still puts the first ornament on the tree but pretty much stops there, so a few years ago I started having my god-daughters over to decorate it for me and the tradition has grown from there. This year it’s all out holiday decorating and baking with all the kids who want to join in!) And I also know it’s going to continue to get colder the later in the year it gets and the further north I drive.

So I think I’ll just make one last amendment to the itinerary. I’ll proceed as planned as far as Gram’s and Aunt Robin’s in West Virginia, but will go straight home from there. (That also allows me to bring the cat mom wants from West Virginia to Massachusetts. I’m not happy about it, but know it’s the right thing to do.) So it’s just Philadelphia and New York that I’ll skip and I’ll make sure to do them this spring or summer. And actually, I already did New York, so it’s really only Philly I’ll miss.

After determining that, I felt somewhat accomplished and went back to my singing. (I’m sorry, but there’s really no need to play Martika’s Toy Soldiers more than once every few days. It wasn’t even that big of a hit in the 80s.) I also amused myself by watching the scenery – Tara will be happy I saw more cows, but sorry I didn’t have time to stop for pictures – and by reading the billboards. I laughed out loud at the Cafe Risque (‘We Bare All’) signs for the 24-hour adult toy store. Tara and I are always saying we need 24-hour malls, restaurants and gyms, but hadn’t thought of that one. And it’s right next to the ‘Boots and Guns’ store. Wonder if that’s 24/7 too? Of course sprinkled between these are the ‘Prayer Works’ signs and the anti-abortion ads. (Did you know a baby’s heart is beating 18 days after conception? The things you learn from billboards.) By the way, if you’re looking for a field, there are 146 acres available in central Florida. Simply visit www.buymyfield.com. You only get one guess where I learned that…

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