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Today we set the record for the number of times it took to find a vein in my left arm to work: four. And that was four times of repeatedly trying and routing around in each of the locations. Not fun. The photo above shows the vein locator that was finally broken out, but didn’t end up being a ton of help, as the good vein that was found was below one that was already tried, so couldn’t be used. Ultimately what was decided, as this has become a growing problem, is that next week I will have a port put in that will be used for the five remaining infusions. The procedure to insert it under my skin will take place just before chemo so it will just make for a longer day. While it also has its pros and cons, at least we won’t have to go through the time and pain of searching for a vein to work any more – it’s just too bad that we didn’t do it in the beginning. But hindsight is always 50/50, right? (So if you’re just starting out and know, as I did, that your veins aren’t great, ask about a port!)

Overall, once we got the IV in, all was pretty good. I was able to dial back the steroids another dose, although that made the Benadryl hit me more so I dozed off a few times while talking to mom and Tina. As usual, they just laughed at me – most lovingly, of course!

Before the infusion, I had a great consultation with my oncologist. My blood work was all good, although it was interesting that there was a small blip in my liver that must’ve been the one time I took ibuprofen this week. I will continue to try to stay away from it… She answered all my questions about the increasing side effects I’m encountering and it was very reassuring. I can do this – only five more to go!!!

Because of my upcoming trip (check out my next entry for the exciting news), I was given a prescription for a compression sleeve. I visited the Friends Place boutique at Dana-Farber where Rosemary not only fitted me for the sleeve so that I can fly (helps prevent lymphedema), but also for a compression glove and found me a bra that instantly helped with some of the pains I’ve been having lately. Everyone there is so nice and helpful, I highly recommend it for everything from cancer-related gifts, jewelry and such, to the basics live compression items, wig fittings and other specialty services and products.

Then it was home to nap, and so far so good, since. I am glad to be counting down and to be done being a pincushion!

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