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Anyone who knows me knows that I love to plan. I think planning is at least half the fun of anything – especially when it comes to traveling. And this may be my biggest trip yet. Two months (I think) on the road. I so want to get started – but I’m trying to hold myself back and savour my London time. Live in the moment, not in the future. So I’m compromising with myself – I can’t buy any US travel books (unless I see them in a charity shop and they’re really cheap) or map out any routes until I step on US soil – but I can make lists. Like who I’m going to visit along the way. And famous sites I’ve always wanted to visit. And National Parks I can’t miss. And songs I must have on my ipod to keep me company (and awake) along the way. I’m even balancing these with London lists like all the things I still need to see, do and buy before I leave. And of course there are the packing lists: what goes in the six week shipment, what goes in the two week shipment, what goes to France with Nick, what goes home in my suitcases. And the other moving lists like who to change my address with and what magazines and memberships to cancel and … my head is spinning. And I think I need a new notebook.

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