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It’s 1:30 am on a Thursday morning and I should be in la la land – but I’m too hyped from the incredible Brad Paisley show tonight! It was a taste of home on this side of the pond. My voice is still scratchy from all the screaming.

Brad represents so much that I miss and love about America. He’s the boy next door. He’s a guy’s guy, while at the same time makes every girl wish he was singing to her. He goes fishing and four-wheeling. He loves life and appreciates people. He has bad pickup lines. He was in love with a movie star as a teenager – then grew up, married her and they’re actually happy. Never mind that he is one of the most talented guitar players and has a voice that makes me melt.

Every song he played tonight – Welcome to the Future, Mud on the Tires, Then, Catch all the Fish, Ticks, Waiting on a Woman, I’m Gonna Miss Her, Celebrity, Little Moments, Online, Letter to Me, She’s Everything and, of course, Alcohol (I’m sure I’m forgetting some) – are so easily identifiable.  We’ve all done the stupid things in his songs; we’ve all had the crushes, loves and heartbreak; we’ve all made fun of the celebrities; and we’ve all shared the hopes for a better future. He covers it all in his two hour set. Now if only Keith (the only other country artist that compares to Brad on guitar) were there to play Start a Band! And if only they hadn’t confiscated my camera …

Yes, the evening started off poorly in that after waiting in line for hours, my camera was taken away at the door as it was deemed ‘too professional.’ I tried to show them that I only had pictures of ducks and London tourist stuff but they ignored me and took it anyway. I thought I was going to have heart-failure. I am never without my camera. I felt lost. Carol came to the rescue by lending me hers (thanks Carol) and I felt somewhat whole again.

Then Deb and I met some nice guys (I’m sure they’ll love me describing them like that) who proved that not all Brits hate country and even knew the words to all the songs like we did. Of course, there also was the old Irish guy who yelled “Hey, it’s Boston!’ when I returned to the group even though I’d never seen him before, and then he proceeded to grab Deb’s butt before spending the rest of the evening hitting on one of the guys we were hanging out with. Funny thing is that the guy he was hitting on is actually gay, but in a relationship – sorry old Irish guy!

The night ended on a high for me when I got my camera back and then got to meet and have my picture taken with Brad. He’s very sweet and called me hon. I told him I’d see him in Boston. Yes, another thing to look forward to pre-road trip: Tina, Kristen and I are seeing Brad at Gillette in August! I also have several more songs I have to add to the road trip play list …

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