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I’m actually not sure what ‘the home stretch’ literally means, but I feel like with 21 weeks of chemo down, and only three weeks left, that it should constitute the home stretch for me. Somehow four weeks to go seemed like forever, whereas three weeks seems like nothing! Well, maybe not nothing when it’s still cumulative, but doable. And a real end in sight.

Today was not bad at all. It went by really fast and was my first day without steroids or Benadryl before the pepcid and taxol. And no big reaction. I think all of the rest since Friday, including working from home in my pjs on Monday, really helped. I feel so much better. Sure there are aches and pains, but now that I know basically that it’s the taxol, and I’m starting to pace myself more, I think I can handle it. I know I can.


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