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Well, I can’t say I really listened to myself in the last post – I haven’t really stopped. Well, maybe for a minute, but then I got right back up and going again! Have to, really, as I’m down to just two more days to both get the house ready to go on the market and get ready for the road trip. (And, as my dear cousin who knows me so well said, if I did really stop I’d probably have a break down and I just don’t have time for that.)

I’m afraid I haven’t done much road trip-wise. Have really been focusing on the house. It’s getting there, in part thanks to friends and family who’ve chipped in for a few hours here and there – anf every minute helps! The few things I have done for the road trip mainly include booking airline tickets and solidifying some dates.

I also had a change of plans – Carrie Underwood switched Grand Ole Opry dates so I was able to actually cancel those tickets and get my money back. This works out much better. I’ll only be going to the Opry once, for their grand reopening (with an incredible cast of thousands) – and it also means I don’t have to go to Nashville until my London friends Helen and Keira get there on Sept 21. I’m really looking forward to spending time in Nashville, but I didn’t love driving and flying in and out of there so many times! It will be the center of my universe for a couple of weeks – more than probably anywhere else on the trip.

So here’s the update:

  • Leave Thursday to head to Niagara Falls (American and Canadian sides) and Buffalo (plan to try some of the original Buffalo wings), probably stopping at the Finger Lakes along the way. I had lunch with my nana and Aunt Patsy, who just recently visited that region. She had many books and suggestions for me – too bad I won’t have more time there.
  • Then on to my cousin Seth’s school in Ohio, with a possible pit stop in Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Heading north west for a bit after that – still determining exactly where and for exactly how long…
  • Down to Tennessee to visit with Dad and Mag a bit.
  • Into Nashville to hang with London friends Helen and Kiera – including a road trip to Dollywood and possibly a Nashville Predators game. And who knows what kind of trouble Helen will get us in… 🙂
  • I’ll fly from Nashville to NYC for Tamara and Kris’ wedding weekend friends’ events – will be so good to see London book club girls! Will also be meeting with job coach and getting the job search going while I’m in the city (yes – must keep reality in mind…).
  • Fly back to Nashville and my concert girls Kristen and Tina will be joining me – can’t wait! We’re so excited to see the reopening of the Grand Ole Opry and explore Nashville!
  • After dropping Kristen at the airport, Tina will be joining me to get a brief taste of life on the road. She’s going to drive with me to Little Rock, Arkansas, from where we’ll fly home. I need to be home for a few days both to celebrate Nick’s birthday and for his school’s family weekend.
  • I’ll then fly back to Little Rock and drive the rest of the way to my next destination: Oklahoma for my friend’s birthday. Will spend the week exploring Oklahoma and visiting with friends and family – and will top it off with a Sugarland and Little Big Town concert in Oklahoma City!

There is so much to look forward to – I just keep reminding myself that as I scrub and sweep and organize and move furniture and try to purge things from this house. Only two more days, only two more days, only two more days…

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