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I woke up in Nashville, Illinois, and got on the road to head toward the ‘real’ Nashville in Tennessee. I was pretty eager to get to my parents’ house, which is half way between Nashville and Knoxville, so I didn’t plan any other stops today. Of course, you know me, something caught my eye…

Actually, it was a someone who caught my eye: Superman! I saw signs for ‘Giant Superman Statue’ in Metropolis, Illinois, and how could I resist? (Yes, I passed on the jolly green giant, but this is Superman!) It wasn’t too far off the exit, and worth the stop. It seems the only thing in Metropolis is the statue, a small Superman museum (very well done, from the outside, anyway), and a Harrah’s casino. I passed on Harrah’s. (I was amused to see the town’s Meals on Wheels van is sponsored by Harrah’s. I have a feeling they bring the area a bit more money than the Superman museum. Just a hunch.)

Back on the road, the only other stops were for sustanance – for both me and the car – and for information at the visitor’s bureau just over the Tennnessee border. I think I have every Tennessee brochure known to man. I apologize to all the trees. (I should note that I did drive through Kentucky. I pretty much blinked and it was over. Afraid I didn’t give it much of a chance – may have to go back.)

It was so nice to arrive in Rock Island and see Dad and Mag! I instantly relaxed. It will be nice having a home base for a bit. I’ll be staying here until I head into Nashville to meet up with my London girlfriends early next week. And I think I especially need rest before meeting up with them!

After a fabulous home cooked meal (thank you, Maggie!), we went to find one of my favorite deserts: funnel cakes at the Warren County Fair. I was thrilled to find out that I made it here for the last night of the fair. I love county fairs – the homemade goods competitions, the children showing their pets, the rides, the games, the excitement in the air and the yummy food! I restained myself and only had the funnel cake. It’s a good thing it was the last night!

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