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I told Amy I’d fill in (comparatively poorly, I’m sure) for her here until she’s feeling well enough to update you all herself, in her own amazing words.

I do want to take the opportunity (while she’s still in surgery and can’t give me a hard time) to just take a minute to reflect on how amazing, strong, determined, and loved she is.  She knows she is surrounded by loving, compassionate friends, family, coworkers, etc.  And just as she has helped us all through one drama, crisis, challenge, and joy at one time or another, we’re all here for her, too.  I’m not even going through what she is, the choices she’s had to make, and the ones she hasn’t been able to make (like running away and ignoring all this 🙂 and I am so moved by people that have reached out to me to check in on her, offer a hug, kind and encouraging words, even cupcakes.

You’re one in a million Amy Lee, we love you like crazy.  I hope that all these good wishes, good vibes, hugs, kind words and gestures, are keeping you company while you’re in surgery today. 

And I can’t wait to update everyone that you’re smiling and ready to tackle the next challenge.


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