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I feel like I’m jumping into the middle of the story, without sharing the beginning (the whole last week or so since surgery), but this is the first time I feel up to being on the computer and I feel I need to jump to the punchline: Dr. G just called and told me I’m cancer free! Ever since I woke up from surgery and was told that they had to take all of the lymph nodes in my right arm because they detected some cancer in one of them, I (and all around me) have been holding my breath, waiting to hear if it has spread and if … well, you know. But it turns out that it was only in two of the lymph nodes and so they caught it before it spread and there are clear margins around where the two lumps in my right breast were. Hence, the giant exhale!

So now everyone (including me) is asking: what does this mean for treatment? Dr. G said he is not sure, as he leaves that to my oncologists, who I will see on May 15. They may want to be extra cautious, since I’m ‘so young’ and still do wither chemo or radiation and/or tamoxofin. Oh well – better any of those than more cancer.

I am going to sign off for now – just this bit has made me tired and I need to stay awake for the fabulous celebration meal Nick and Alivia are making me. But I have to say everyone has been beyond incredible to me. Mike has been by my side practically every second, taking care of me (and thus, my mother, too) and constantly reassuring me that no matter what everything will be fine. And he’s been right so far! And mom and Mark and Nick and Alivia have joined him in alternating between keeping me sane and calm, and laughing and crazy. And Tara and Tina helped keep everyone informed, as well as kept us company in the hospital. And I can’t believe all the gorgeous flowers, cards, texts, e-mails etc. Thank you to everyone for all the prayers, love and support. I know it was all of the positive thinking and prayers that scared the damn cancer away! So I couldn’t have done it without you! xoxoxoxo (And I am sorry I haven’t really been up for talking or texting or anything – I’m so achy and the meds make me a bit loopy and tired, but I hope to be back to myself soon and also promise to fill in more of the backstory on here soon…)

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