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I feel like I’ve been in a waking coma. My eyes have been open, I’ve been talking and somewhat eating, moving between my bed, the couch and the bathroom. The biggest diversions being a trip back to the hospital and a couple of walks down the street escorted by Mike, to get my legs moving and keep me from going stir crazy, and those wore me out for days. I haven’t read a book, heck I haven’t read a magazine article. I’ve only watched two full movies, a big night with my family on the couch. I’ve barely touched my new, light laptop, so hardly no email and no Facebook – just the thought made me tired. And I haven’t been great at returning texts, although that’s what I’ve probably been best about, since they are short.

I was ok with all that – something I never thought I would be. I thought just because my body was going to be laid up, my mind would be racing and fully functioning – boy, was I wrong. Last night it started, though. My mind began to get energy, and to feel cooped up. This morning (and by morning I mean 10ish) it was even more active, urging my body to catch up with it. I turned the laptop on and began writing this. After many breaks (can only look at the screen so long), I’ve written this post. My mind is pleased. While it is just a baby step, I feel quite accomplished, like I’m on the right track.

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