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This round has been better than expected, with some different down sides, as a result of the fall. The wonderful nurse who gave me my infusions this time suggested some tips for changing up my meds again to help better combat the nausea and it really helped – especially the first night. I also felt a bit better than last round yesterday, and even got to go up on our new shared apartment roof deck to watch the Boston fireworks – it was a perfect view, only slightly dampened (ha ha) by the brief downpour.

So the additional downside (besides the general annoyance of being injured) was that I had to go back to Dana-Farber (thank goodness it’s only a mile away now!) to get a shot that will boost my counts to help me fight infection more. You see, I had to go in Monday because the cuts on both my elbow and knee were showing signs of infection so I got put on an antibiotic then, and my oncologist wanted to help fight it with this booster. Only thing is, it will make my bones ache until tomorrow afternoon. Oh well. Better than an infection!

I know I say it a lot, but I really am just so thankful for my friends and family – I am so lucky! Nick, Mom, Mark, Tina, Tara and Vanessa joined for our chemo party, with Tara catering Tuesday and bringing by a few dinners on Wednesday – all delicious! And with them, I am starting to embrace bald – it’s not so bad. Certainly easier. And Nick says it show confidence – and I think he’s right. Thank you all – both who join in person, in spirit, who comment here, on facebook, email, pray, send good vibes – especially for keeping me laughing and smiling through it all! xoxoxo

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