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Today, week four of 12, went well. It was fast, it only hurt during the actual taxol, and I only really felt the fatigue after. Of course, I think some of the drugs got to me a bit, as I was channeling Katherine Hepburn – accent and all – and thoroughly amusing mom and Tina. Still, after a nap, against many people’s wishes, I went to work to give a presentation.

It was not that I was told to, it was that I wanted to. Folks were happy to cover for me, and always encourage me to do whatever I need to in order to get better. But I love my job. I want to be there, especially when I can share things we’re working on with others. Yes, I wasn’t exactly myself, but I was assured after that I didn’t do or say anything too crazy – although I did announce that having come from chemo, people may want to have their cell phones ready in case I spontaneously did something insane, like in Sex in the City when Samantha had cancer and while speaking tore her wig off and threw it in the audience. Sorry to disappoint by not…

So maybe the whole cautiously optimistic thing is working. If I stay positive and focused on other things like work, I can get through this. Eight more weeks will fly, right?

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