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I’m watching – as I hope many of you are (or did, by the time you read this) – Stand Up 2 Cancer. I am in awe of all of the people featured. Their stories touch my soul – how could they not? I remember watching this last time it was on. And crying listening to the stories, as I am now. Of course, this year it hits home more than ever. But this is not about me. I am beating cancer RIGHT NOW. I will eventually be fine and live a long, happy life. This is about everyone with later stage cancers, about those who are just starting their fight, about those who will be diagnosed in the future. Possibly your mother, brother, aunt, son, best friend – you. I pray no, with all my heart, but if I’ve learned one thing in all of this, it’s that if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. So please do what you can. Every penny really does count. And whether you donate to www.standup2cancer.org , to our team doing the Jimmy Fund Boston Marathon Walk this weekend, to Tara running for Dana-Farber in October, to the American Cancer Society or to any cancer charity, you can know that you are helping to change the future, eliminate cancer forever and make it so no one has to lose a loved one to cancer ever again. Please join me and Stand up 2 Cancer!!! Thank you… xoxo

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