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Yesterday I did a training speedwalk to get an idea of how I’ll feel next Sunday at the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. I’m planning to do the half marathon – 13.1 miles – so I did as long of a walk as I had time for. It ended up being 8.5 miles, at about a 16 minute pace. And overall, combined with the rest of the day, I did about 12 miles. And… today I felt good! No arm swelling or pain, and I’m not all achy – both great things. So I’d say I’m ready!

Heather announced that despite her back issues she is determined to do the full 26.2. The second I heard that I jumped back to wanting to do the same. But friends convinced me that’s stupid, I need to think about Paris and really can’t risk it. So, still begrudgingly, I won’t. But I will next year!!! And I can’t wait for Tara and I to join Heather and Amanda – and hopefully others who want to join us on Team Inspire Boston (I mean you! Yes, you!).

So just one week to go – so please let us know if you’ll join us, or if not, please support us by donating and help us kick cancer once and for all!!! Every cent counts… thank you, thank you, thank you!

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