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So here are some random updates:

  • On August 25 I will be guest blogging on onetravel.com. I wrote about my favorite London spots – the must-do things for London visitors. It was all fresh in my mind as I tried to revisit all those places during my final weeks in the UK. I really like the onetravel.com blog because it features travel bloggers from around the world, so it’s a great mix and lots of interesting reads.
  • Speaking of travel blogs, I’ve added a couple of travel blog links to my home page, including one written by my friend Laura who just moved to Tokyo for (almost) a year. Talk about a different way of life! You should definitely check it out.
  • With the realization that I can finally begin planning, I went to AAA today and not only renewed Nick and my memberships but also got a US map. I LOVE maps! And now I can start figuring out where the heck I’m going to go on this road trip. A few of us were trying to guesstimate the number of miles I’ll drive (maybe we should have a pool?) but there’s really no telling until I figure out where I’m going – and in what order. I have the feeling I’m going to be zigzagging a lot…
  • Speaking of AAA, I highly recommend anyone in the US becoming a member if you’re not already. The discounts alone are worth it (many retail stores, amusement parks, movie theaters, hotels, etc.). And you get free maps, travel books (they said there’s no limit – wait until I am ready for those!), towing, assistance if your battery dies or you lock your keys in the car – so many benefits for a small annual fee. I already bought discount movie passes, and of course got that free map. Now to get out my highlighter. Although maybe I better start with a pencil…

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