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Gambling or Graceland?

Road trip planning is officially under way. I have a giant fold-out US map decorated with dot stickers – currently 47 although I know some dots will move and others will be added – marking my planned stops. (See the new tab at the top of my home page called ‘Road Trip Itinerary’ for details.) I also have an 8×10 state-a-page atlas that I carry with me everywhere I go and frequently reference. If nothing else I’m learning a lot about US geography!

My last week as social butterfly has paid off too ’cause it seems nearly everyone has a friend or family member I can visit along the way. That is wonderful – the more the merrier – keeping me company and out of skeezy motels. And reducing the need for me to resort to my friend Jane’s suggestion of trying http://www.rentadate.com when I’m in an area where I don’t know anyone but am sick of being alone. Good thing I like plenty of alone time!

People also have many tips and words of wisdom for me. Even Nick is showing his protective side. A couple of friends recommended I try staying in hostels. They said they’re cheaper and full of friendly people looking to explore the local area. Nick doesn’t like that idea at all. He also sides with my dad in the ‘avoid Memphis’ debate. To visit Graceland or not? Worth the $30 admission charge and a ride through some not so nice areas? Not sure yet. Dad’s suggestion is to instead take a side trip to Tunica, Mississippi – specifically the casino. In fact, last night (Nick and I are in Florida for a quick visit) Dad gave us all a lesson in 7 Card Stud Poker so I can have a fighting chance if I do pop into that or any other casinos along the way. Hmmmm… they do have good buffets!

Where do you think I should go? What sites must I not miss?

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