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There are so many little things about the US that you don’t truly appreciate until you are gone for a long time and then move back. Here are some that have been making me smile as I get reaquainted with my home country…

  • Running to Target at 9:30 pm for the CD you must have, the supermarket at 11 pm to appease a craving or Wal-Mart at 7 am to grab cold medicine before work. Nowhere in the UK is open early or late. Seriously – most everything closes at 6 or 7. (Although I admit it wasn’t much better here last night when we wanted pizza at 11 pm.)
  • Butter on popcorn at the movies.
  • Outback. Prime rib – did you know they don’t do that cut in the UK???
  • Red Sox games, Paw Sox games, Patriots Training Camp and live coverage of Shaq joining the Celtics.
  • Country music on the radio. I constantly had my ipod on rather than listen to the very few stations there that seemed to be all 80s, techno or talk. Sure, I like all types of music but I can’t live without country!
  • Live awards shows. You actually watch them WHILE they are happening – at least most of them. In the UK, you know all the winners by the time they edit and air it.
  • Fun commercials. Most UK commercials are harsh, lecturing life lessons. Seeing a tree go through the windshield into a person’s body and piercing his heart; watching a woman slip in the kitchen and literally crack her head open – very graphic. Ugh.  Give me the Geico gecko any day!
  • Not having to wait an extra week/month/year to see the movie or TV show everyone’s talking about. Most movies come out later in the UK and many TV shows are at least a week – if not a season – behind the US.
  • Toll booths. Yes, toll booths – so that you KNOW you have to pay a toll. Beware if you drive in London M-F from 7 am – 6 pm: you have to pay the congestion charge but there’s nowhere that you actually stop and pay it!
  • Dunkin’ Donuts. Iced tea, coffee coolata, munchkins.

And for me personally… 

  • Impromptu texts from my cousin like ‘want to get an ice cream?’
  • Grabbing a DVD and spending the evening on my best friend’s couch watching and gabbing.
  • Family dinners.
  • Crafts with my goddaughters.
  • Best of all: being here for my weddings, showers,  and all the other fun family events. Definitely can’t get that in London! 

What do you love about the USA?

PS – I must add that Nick really thought that to be fair I should do 15 things I love about London. I explained I think i’ve done that and am constantly saying all I miss about London, but now need to focus on the positive of being HERE. So to clarify, this in no way implies I don’t still love London …

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