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It’s happening and it sucks. I woke up this morning and when I finally fully opened my eyes in front of the bathroom mirror I saw that strands of my short brown hair covered the white t-shirt I slept in. Then I got in the shower and it was just like after you get a haircut and you have to wash off the little hairs. Only a zillion times worse ’cause it wouldn’t stop. Every time I touched my head my hand would be covered in hair. I finally gave up, turned off the shower and cleaned the very clogged drain. Who would’ve thought short hairs could make such a big pile?

So I had to pick out clothes that hopefully will camouflage hairs that fall out on them while at work today, and tonight I will shave my head- or I should say, have my head shaved. I don’t want to, but once again I’m forced to choose the better of two evils. Keep fighting the inevitable and have to handle the annoyance and embarrassment of my hair steadily falling out or just rip the band aid off quickly. Better to get it over with and start wearing hats and wigs… ugh.

p.s. sorry to those who tried to read this earlier – I posted it via my phone on the way to work and must have that default to password protected…

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