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I am in shock. Just now, at the Mass Pike rest stop on the way home from Western Mass, I looked in the bathroom mirror and realized the hair growing (in random patches- don’t get too excited for me) on my head is BLONDE. My jaw dropped and Tara, a few sinks away, looked at me inquisitively and said, “You look perplexed – what’s up?”

“Is it me or the light in here or is my hair really growing in blonde?” I asked.

“I noticed that yesterday,” she confirmed, “You do have the genes for it.”

“But I don’t think I want to be blonde!” I whined (even though I can’t stand whining.)

“That, my dear, is the beauty of being a woman,” Tara declared. “You can dye it any color you want! Besides, maybe it’s the peach fuzz like when babies are born, and it will change …”

I was born with a full head of dark brown hair. And I love(d) being a brunette. I am hoping I will be again, but if I am not, I will not dye it. Just like when my hair was starting to go grey, I was letting it. So if I end up blonde, I guess I will just channel my inner Marilyn … maybe not all the time, but certainly when I want to have fun! 🙂

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I seriously have the best friends on earth. Two of my dearest are devoting their time and energy to fundraising for Dana-Farber to help conquer cancer:

  • On Sunday, September 9, Heather Wojdag Forbes is leading team Amy’s Victorious Secret (no, sorry to disappoint, we will not be in lingerie…) in the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk. Somehow she is fitting this in amidst getting her twins off to college, her younger two ready for school, working full-time as a nurse and teaching her first college course! Thank you, Heather! If you’re available September 9, please join her team – you don’t have to do the whole marathon, there are 13-mile, 5-mile and 3-mile options. And if you can’t join, please consider sponsoring – here is a link to Heather’s fundraising page:  Heather Wojdag Forbes’ Fundraising Page  Thank you!!! Oh – and for every donation over $10, we’ll write the name of a friend or loved one on the team shirts!
  • On October 14, Tara Henrichon will run the Newport Half Marathon, also to raise money for Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. Tara, an avid runner who is also doing the Chicago half-marathon in September, was the first person to lure, uh, I mean inspire me into running and we were going to run Newport together. Instead, I will be there cheering her on as she runs with the intent of helping to make a world without cancer! Tara is another unbelievably busy woman and I’m not sure how she can find the time, but I so appreciate it – thank you, cousin! Please consider sponsoring Tara’s run: Tara Henrichon’s Dana-Farber Fundraising Page Thank you!!!

And I have just signed up and joined Heather’s team  – I will walk with Team Amy’s Victorious Secret for the Dana-Farber 3 mile route – the last three miles of the Marathon. You are welcome to sponsor me, too,  at Amy Atwood’s Fundraising Page . Or better yet, join the team. Or just join us at the finish line for fun and drinks after. Or all of the above! 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

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I am making a wish on each eyelash that I catch as it falls out. All those wishes have to add up, right? I refuse to waste a wish on anything pointless, like wishing that my eyelashes and eyebrows wouldn’t fall out, although I really don’t want them to. So what am I wishing for? Like birthday wishes, I don’t think you’re supposed to tell or they won’t come true. But I bet you can guess – they’re pretty much the same things that I pray for…

So I guess I can tell you more of the things that I wish but don’t waste the eyelash wishes on:

  • I wish the hair on my head would either all grow or not grow at all – it is so annoying having these patches of hair growing on my head! I really feel like a chia pet. Luckily, Nick is home from London and offered to shave my head again. I think I will be taking him up on that…
  • I wish people wouldn’t worry about me so much. Tonight I told Nick I was going for a run and he looked all serious and said “Really? Ok, but be careful. What time will you be back?” It is sweet. But I really do feel fine, these in-between weeks, after the initial week of hell and the next infusion. I can run, I can babysit, I can work, I can drive. I am good. And I feel bad wishing this – I am so, so thankful so many people care about me. I just wish they wouldn’t worry so much… 🙂 And yes, I am blocking out the incident at Training Camp, but that was also because I was stupid and rushed being better – I was still in that first week post-chemo. I will try to be smarter this next round…
  • I wish I could go to my cheap nail salon and get my regular mani/pedi’s again. Oh how I (and my hands and my feet) miss them…
  • I wish I didn’t have chemo brain. I hate it when I am not at the top of my game. And according to Sue, chemo brain lasts for months and months after the chemo stops. So I won’t be back 100% until well into 2013. Ugh. Good excuse for why I won’t be winning at trivia though. 🙂
  • I wish I had unlimited funds so I could buy more wigs. Now that I’ve started wearing them, they’re not so bad. But I don’t like to wear the same one all the time, I like to mix it up between wigs and hats just to try to have fun with it. Now to buy the electric blue one…
  • And then the most pointless wish of all: I wish I wasn’t sick! I know, as people keep reminding me, I am officially cancer free since the surgery, but the fact is the chemo makes me more sick than I ever felt with the cancer! I do understand why it had to be cut out and why I now have to go through all this chemo to kill all the cancer cells (especially after talking to my friend Laura who had it come back again, even after having a mastectomy!), but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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