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I woke up on Day 33 in Shamrock, Texas – and as one of my friends pointed out, that must be a lucky town. I think it is, because I had a really good day. Travelling Route 66 is a photographers dream (when you can find the route, of course). So I’ll pretty much let the pictures above do the talking for today, other than a few random thoughts I recorded on the road:

  • For awhile I felt like I was in the movie Cars – in fact, the first couple of pictures (night and day) are of the Tower Station and U-Drop Inn which was featured in the movie.
  • I must be a bit more careful – was playing it a bit too close with gas in the middle of nowhere Rt. 66. You have no idea how excited I was to see an actual working gas station – you’ll see pictures of many of the deserted ones I encountered along the way!
  • I learned a lot about the Dust Bowl (such a sad time) and barbed wire (yes, barbed wire) at the Devil’s Rope and Rt. 66 Museum in McLean, Texas. Neat little free stop if you are ever out that way.
  • Saw signs for the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere and wondered why, if it’s so large, do you need signs? Wouldn’t you just see it? And then I did. It is amazing (and right around the corner from Blessed Mary’s restaurant which boasts ‘Burgers/More’ with the more part being Truth, Faith, Hope, Love. I would’ve eaten there but it looked closed. Oh well.) Full disclosure: it may advertise itself as the largest, but I guess someone recently built a copy of it a tiny bit bigger in Illinois (I think). But it’s still very cool.
  • For awhile I felt like I was the only person traveling on Route 66. I really thought it would be busier with tourists or whatever.
  • I saw actual, real tumbleweeds (remember the play, Walpole people?) and a mini dust storm. Now this feels like Texas.
  • I don’t think my windshield is ever going to be truly clean again.
  • I love the Amarillo Travelodge! It’s cheap, clean, has free wifi, free breakfast and best of all: free use of Gold’s Gym next door! I had a great workout. Really made my night. (In addition to my emails from London, check-ins from friends, seeing the Patriots’ sign and cool photo stops on Route 66, of course!)

So I’m not really sure what drew me to Amarillo, but it was a good stop along the way. It has a very cool section of Route 66 with a bunch of antique and specialty shops and eateries. Too bad it was a Monday and deserted. If only every day could be a bustling weekend!

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