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Yes, you’re right. Some of you remembered that one of my original milestones was to be in San Diego by today so that I could see the Patriots play the Chargers. I’m afraid I didn’t make it. I revised my itinerary a couple of weeks ago when I realized it just wasn’t realistic. I didn’t want to rush down the California coast and miss out on so many things, especially since I can see the Patriots play back home. (Albeit in the snow by the time I get there.)

Well, instead I’m in very rainy San Francisco. I’m rather disappointed as I love this city so much and I’d like to be off exploring, but it’s good too because it gave me time to simply sit and catch up with friends. And that’s exactly what I did. In the late morning I met Joy and her family at their home in San Francisco (I was supposed to meet them earlier for dim sum, but surprise, surprise, yours truly was running late).  Then in the late afternoon I visited another high school friend, Lauren, and her family at their home in Oakland. The funny thing is, neither of them knew the other was out here. It’s amazing how people spread out around the country, and the world. Some for school, some for jobs, some for love, some simply to escape. Many love it in their adopted homes, but it’s also interesting how many end up back home again – at least eventually.

Between visits I popped over to see the Golden Gate Bridge, since I wasn’t sure if I’d have a chance tomorrow or not. While hunting for a good viewing point I found another National Historic Site – Fort Point. The Civil War fort is right on the water, just underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. I braved the elements – and nearly sacrificed my camera – to get photos of the bridge, waves (which I was afraid for a bit would wash away my poor car) and the fort.

Over dinner with Luke and Laura we came to the consensus that, since the weather is clearing, I must spend a few hours in the city tomorrow before heading south on route 1 (just like home). So I’ll play tourist for a few hours in the morning (well, I guess playing tourist is my full-time job right now, so nothing new there) and see if I still love the city like I used to. What I know, though, is it’s time to hit the road because if I stay here any longer, I’ll put on 20 pounds! After another wonderful dinner, Luke, Laura and I headed straight for another little gelato shop. Yummmm… At least we walked a bit after, and then went on another brief road tour before heading home. It’s going to be hard to leave – it always is when your hosts are family and make you feel so at home!

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