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Was it worth it to pop over the border and spend Day 40 in Vancouver? Yes. Did I absolutely love it? No. Vancouver is a nice city with a lot going on and tons to do. It’s one of those cities where I don’t think anyone could get bored in and there’s something to do for absolutely every type of person. It’s on the water (a plus for me, as you know), is clean and the people are nice. But it’s very gray. And rather cold. I’m sure that has to do in part with the time of year, but it’s October! I’m used to bright fall days in New England in October. Okay, maybe not every day, and maybe I caught Vancouver on an off day, but I could tell it just wasn’t the city for me. Hey, at least I ruled another one out! I would like to go back and spend more time in Vancouver – go up Grouse Mountain, explore more of Stanley Park (love the totem poles there) and walk around Chinatown. But maybe that’s best done in the spring or summer…

Now I’m back in the States (took an hour to get through the traffic at the border – but for the first time I wasn’t grilled by Immigration) and happily settled in Monroe, Washington, just outside Seattle, staying with Matt (an old friend of Tara’s) and Aleta, and their sweet dog Tikka. They took me to a fabulous little Mexican restaurant Tijuana’s and helped me plan Day 41. I’m off to find vampires and werewolves. Wish me luck…

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