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(I’m hoping this post comes out ok- it’s the first one I’m doing from my phone due to some internet issues and I just realized I can do it this way…)

OMG OMG OMG –  I’m in HOLLYWOOD!!! You may think I’m crazy, but the fact that this is where I was going really hadn’t occurred to me. I was simply heading to LA to see my high school friends Jay Dugre and Mike (who I also call Duffy, to clear up any confusion) and their families, which I’ve been trying to do for 15 years.

My entire childhood dreams were consumed with Hollywood. I was obsessed with movies from the golden age, and wanted to be Vivienne Leigh, Katherine Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. As I know I mentioned in an early post, I was going to grow up, become a famous actress, win my first Oscar at 40 and adopt a four-year-old Vietnamese girl. While it didn’t exactly turn out that way, Hollywood has always held the sparkle and mystery for me. I really can’t believe I’m here.
While I would’ve loved to just jump into it all, I had a list a mile long of things I needed to do when I got to LA which I saw as my next catch up stop. Work and life logistical things I won’t bore you with, but that’s how I spent the majority of Day 50.

Jay, Cesha and baby Jack did get me out of the house for a bit, though. We went and walked around the Farmer’s Market, which has every type of yummy food imaginable, and is by the very cool Grove movie theater and shopping area, complete with trolley to take you from one end to the other.

I must say the weather out here is fabulous. I was so happy to shove my Fall wardrobe back in the trunk and break back out my flip flops, capris and tank tops (after washing of course).

The evening was spent relaxing with Duffy and Jen, watching Modern Family and mapping out the remainder of the trip
I’m on track to return on December 10, unless any house or work stuff come up in the meantime. I’m amazed at all I’ve seen of the country so far, but even more surprised at how much I’ve yet to explore…

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